Associate’s Degree – Is it Worth It?

An associate at work degree is generally the two-year degree from an educational institution like a community college, career college, university or college. The two years associated with coursework involves about sixty college credits received by completing numerous general education courses together with core subject courses as well as electives. Associate degrees are available in a multitude of subjects like arts, used science, science, business, computer systems, health services, education, engineering along with other career fields. After earning your associate degree you might have the option of transferring your credits to some Bachelor’s degree program. So what then are the benefits of an associate degree?

o Associate degrees are cheaper than the usual four year Bachelor’s level. It is common to accomplish your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree having a debt of nearly $50, 000 for your name. Associate degrees however can be half the price of a higher degree and because so many colleges now offer connect degrees online, you also have the choice of working while studying and spending money on your education. Many students have discovered that they’ll actually add to their own savings while working as well as earning their associate level.

o Since associate degrees are usually for two years, it allows graduates to enter the job force faster and thus start earning faster.

o Associate degrees tend to be favorably regarded by companies who value the inspiration and maturity required through the student who opts for this and the career abilities it qualifies you with regard to. Needless to say, if you’re juggling work along together with your college degree program, it is usually a positive feature with regard to employers.

o Associate degrees offer more flexibility when it comes to being used as a gateway into countless differing advanced degree choices. In case you continue to be unsure of your last career choice, an associate degree is the best bet to thin down the field associated with choices.

o Associate degrees also provide you with the option of bolstering your grades before trying to get a four-year degree plan.

o For those students not near a large city or university, associate degrees offered with a local community college or even career school offer your best option to continue your education and get ready for your career.
Here are a few pre-determined questions you can ask yourself before trying to get an associate degree:

What does your job demand?

In today’s cut-throat work market, you will end up being competing among highly competent candidates. If your job needs a Bachelor’s degree or more, it might be difficult to visit far with just an associate at work degree. Ask around and seek advice from potential employers about what qualifications are needed for entry level jobs to the industry.

Will an associate degree meet all of your goals?

If you have long-term plans that involve climbing the organization ladder or increasing your possibility of promotion, an associate degree is probably not enough. Talk to people in the industry you are looking at and find out regarding their expectations. You should go back to school at some time in your career, if an associate at work degree is your only option at this time.

Can your associate degree be used in a Bachelor’s degree?

There are several associate degrees that are often transferable to a Bachelor’s degree program afterwards while some others tend to be impossible to transfer. Even though graduate degree is not a part of your plans right right now, you may change the mind later or your work might demand it so continually be sure about which kind of program you are selecting. Speak to your assistance counselor and admissions officer about all the details you require to create a well-informed decision.

What industry experience have you got?

If you have an associate at work degree but a lot of work experience, you might have the upper hand over others having a Bachelor’s degree in your own industry. However, if you are planning on applying for employment without any industry encounter, you may have difficulty competing against other applicants for even entry-level jobs.

Finally, if you think that an associate degree is the thing you need right now, make sure the college degree program or college that you simply choose is accredited. Failing to confirm accreditation might leave you spending a great deal of time and money on a bit of paper that counts for nothing later on.

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